• Walk your garden during the day and night to select key focal points and sketch a plan of the area. Use the free download to help.


  • Add trees, shrubs, decks, and areas of any significance in the garden to your diagram. Don’t forget to indicate where your power point is located.
  • Think about what type of lights you would like to have in your garden. Choose from small spotlights to light up smaller plants or larger spotlights to highlight a beautiful tree. Bollard lights are a great addition to a driveway or path, and deck lights create a fantastic feature along the edges of decking or stairs.
  • Now you have your lights placed, it’s time to work out your cables. Measure the distance between each light and back to your power source and write these measurements on your plan.
  • You will need a T-Piece Connector for every light except the last light in your sequence. Indicate these on your plan.
  • Now measure the distance from your power supply to the first light and mark this on your plan.
  • Check the total length of all your cables does not exceed 50m.
  • Once you’ve received your ellumière products, simply connect them all up, turn them on, sit back and enjoy. It’s that simple!


Start with a complete kit or build your own

Any style or configuration
Max 18 lights per transformer
Max 50m per transformer



    Products we used:

    1 Outdoor Transformer
    2 Automatic Light Sensor
    3 T-Piece Connectors
    4 Garden Bollards
    5 Ext. Cables (1m / 2m / 5m / 10m)
    Garden Spotlights (Small)
    7 Garden Spotlights (Large)
    8 Deck Lights